Nov 2017

GitHub MarkWe’ve moved the publicly available examples files from our internal download pages to GitHub. They are published using the Creative Commons Attribution License. There you can retrieve them, do as you like with them, and start from there while studying CaseTalk. You may even publish your own projects to GitHub to share your work.

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These articles will give background information directly related to CaseTalk or technical aspects. It contains historical articles and more philosophical articles on why communication-oriented information modeling is important. If you have questions that remain unanswered, please ask us. Your question may lead to an article on our website for the benefit of you and others.

All drawings are based on true anecdotes

To counter the sometimes rational aspects of work, Marco Wobben, occasionally relaxes through drawing. It requires a different set of brain cells to be active, and combines the seriousness with the humorous. Being able to laugh, even when it's at ourselves, is important. This is where it is useful to have a picture say more than a thousand words.

CaseTalk 20 Years

CaseTalk Pitch - 1 Minute

1 minuteA short overview of aspects to be adressed when working with data, to which CaseTalk may have an aswer for you.

CaseTalk Demo - 15 Minutes

15 minuteCaseTalk has many features and this short video will demonstrate most of them in a very quick and handy overview.

CaseTalk Presentation - 1 Hour

60 minuteIn this hour long recorded session, Marco Wobben, talks about the history, the method and what CaseTalk can provide.