CaseTalk generates several models in different techological areas. Among which are:

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There are many articles online and a few printed books available on the subject of Fact Oriented Modeling. When you've registered you may download an e-Book from the download section containing the original texts on FCO-IM. If you're into self-study, we recomment the book "Fact Oriented Modeling with FCO-IM". It's recently published and it's really easy to read and learn the basics.

And some of these are also available in Dutch:


  • Fully Communication Oriented Information Modelling (FCO-IM) based
  • Natural Language Expressions
  • Expression Regeneration
  • Verbalized business rules


  • FCO-IM Based
  • Natural Language Expressions
  • FCO-IM Diagramming
  • Expression Regeneration
  • Business rules verbalization
  • Multi-monitor support

    CaseTalk is a 32 bit Windows application. It is installabable and tested on:

    • Windows 2000
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8

    For those running OSX or other operating systems, it operates without problems within a virtual machine. For Windows 64 bit environments you may find that it needs to run in compatibility mode "Windows XP Service Pack 3".

    External standards are supported by many tools by as many vendors. Since FCO-IM covers almost all elementary information, it is possible using the FCO-IM Bridge to transform models into for different platforms like ER or UML.


    Creating information solutions for a business requires an accurate analysis of the business issues involved. It doesn't matter if a project concerns a BI, EAI or an OLTP application, analysts should not be bothered by technicalities. And business people should be able to verify the relevance of the analysts' proposed solutions.


    CaseTalk enables analysts to focus entirely on business issues by creating fact-based, conceptual information models. Some analysts will feel uneasy at first, but soon enough they will appreciate the obvious benefits.


    In the short-term, CaseTalk radically reduces the time to deliver information models that are clear and intelligible. Obviously, this vastly reduces the risk of failure for any subsequent implementation or outsourcing project.


    The long-term benefits of the CaseTalk-approach exceed those of individual projects by far. Time spent on information modeling need no longer be part of recurring project expenses. Information management practices becomes more efficient, more mature, when business knowledge is available in technology independent, re-usable, information models as provided by CaseTalk.

    Below, we highlight a number of areas in which CaseTalk is used successfully.


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