Consultant and Freelancers

As a freelancer, business analyst or information analyst you are interested in working with CaseTalk at several of our customer projects. Some of the requirements we have are:

  • You are available as a freelancer or consultant;
  • You are an expert in information (or data) modeling;
  • You are communicative and are interested in language;
  • You are comfortable with both business and IT people;
  • You are curious in nature about someone else's perspective;

If you feel you are that person, please contact us and we'll gladly connect you to our clientelle and network to get you forward to where you want to go.

Entrepeneurs and Service Companies

As an entrepeneur you see customer problems as opportunities to solve their issues, and provide high quality solutions to propel the customer forward. Building a business is about offering services:

  • High quality information (and data) models;
  • Information models which are understandable by all stakeholders;
  • Requirements for IT artifacts which are crystal clear;
  • Align business and IT on requirements specifications;
  • Model to model automations;
  • Information needs which withstand the latest technology change;
  • Provide real value to the business which lasts longer than your presence;

If your way of doing business aligns with these points, or your company aligns with it, please contact us to common to an agreement on how to use CaseTalk to extend your services.