Oct 2019

The long awaited CaseTalk 9.8 adds great new features:

  • After having the UNDO for years, version 9.8 also brings you the REDO.
  • Model transformation settings using your own Profiles (no more simple GLR).
  • Share project files quickly using Windows Share Contracts (integrating it with other Applications).
  • Again more Model well-formedness rules, helping you to deliver high quality information models.

The release has taken some time to reach you, so there's more to read on the changelog and features.

Just, before you download your update, please take note of the Naming Conventions Wizard Dialog included in this new release:


July 2019

CaseTalk 9.7.0 adds new features and user interface enhancements.

  • User interface better reflects Ontology functions
  • Hand off business definition to domain experts by using Business Glossary ánd import updates
  • Diagram and other small handling issues improved

With this release the CaseTalk Manager is updated to 5.6.

  • To better reflect model lineage tracing and maintenance
  • Functions to remove obsolete items and versions
  • Show difference and impact reports
  • Improve uploading models


July 2019

CaseTalk 9.6.3 adds a few user interface enhancements.

  • Well-formedness violations are shown in the diagrams with balloons.
  • Object/Fact Types with expressions from other models are indicated with a lock.
  • Easy finding/indexing Object/Fact Types by typing the name in the repository is enabled again.

With this release a minor update for the Manager was also added, containing a database upgrade and a dependency graph improvement.


June 2019

CaseTalk 9.6.2 adds a few minor features and some (hot)fixes.

  • New diagram shape tweaks: Titles and background transparency.
  • Show expression status in regard to namespaces.
  • New merge functions for all selected OTFT's.

It is considered a maintenance release for 9.6.0 and 9.6.1 with some minor enhancements. For more details, you may look at the changelog.


June 2019

CaseTalk 9.6 is released today, containing merging improvements, and some great and brand new features:

  • Export model information as a business glossary
  • Automatic role positioning in diagrams
  • Generate validated or unvalidated expressions
  • Detailed feedback when refactoring roles

Additionally the Manager and Viewer are updated with a few minor tweaks. The full list of changes of the Modeler can be found here.


May 2019

CaseTalk 9.5.3 is a maintenance release with a few user interface tweaks and many improvements in regard to handling population and data types. Another big improvement however lies in the merging of models and the handling of versions of expressions.

  • User interface tweaks and fixes
  • Improved merging of models
  • Population handling cleaned up
  • Data type support strengthened
  • Performance enhancements

At the moment of this release the Manager has been bumped to 5.5.2 containing massive performance improvements for uploading model versions.

The full list of changes of the Modeler can be found here (9.5.3).

March 2019

CaseTalk 9.5.2 is a maintenance release with a few features and many small fixes and improvements.

  • Extended the model well-formedness rules
  • Enhanced OWL generator
  • Enhanced Denodo generator
  • Merging wizard improvements.

In addition to this Modeler release the Manager with a new Difference reporting window for old and current versions of models.

The full list of changes of the Modeler can be found here (9.5.2).


January 2019

CaseTalk 9.5.1 is the first release of 2019 and contains a lot of goodies and updates. In total 50 tickets are marked resolved in the Modeler alone.

  • Dark theme support
  • ER/Studio generator available
  • Repository merging improvements
  • Expression substitution functions
  • OWL/RDF improvements

In addition to this Modeler release the Viewer contains minor update, and the Manager contains performance and model dependency enhancements.

The full list of changes of the Modeler can be found here (9.5.1).

erstudio logical

November 2018

CaseTalk 9.4.4 resurfaces the function to specify a diagram printing style. Rearranges some generators which ended up under File\Export and should've been added to the list of all model generators. And a very high importance bug which was introduced during the performance improvement on large models: being able to drop fact types onto a diagram. While further fixing the code, we managed to tame the user interface flickering some more. Especially in the model well formedness checks and redundant updates wihle canceling dialogs.

Please re-download and join the progress.

The full list of changes can be found here (9.4.3) and here (9.4.4).

31 October 2018

Halloween Pumpkin
CaseTalk version 9.4.2 - The Halloween Fix - removes a few performance degrading ghosts and haunting stability issues. Functionalities which were touched cover SqlServer scripts, DataType specifications, and very large model diagram synchronization. Please update at your own risk. wink

The full list of changes can be found here.


October 2018

CaseTalk version 9.4.1 contains a file format upgrade to provide additional identifiers to the model to detect fact type renames. Additionally the merge functionality has been upgraded to support better namespace management across models. Optional roles can be made more distinct in diagrams, and many other usability features and bug fixes. In total 37 tickets have been resolved.

The full list of changes can be found here.


September 2018

The new CaseTalk 9.3.2 fixes some crucial high prioriy issues, and adds an improved snapshot comparison user interface. The collapse and expand function make the difference report more consise, and this is also implemented in the text editor for expressions. The changelog is here.

Additionally a high priority issue was fixed in 9.3.3.

CaseTalk Snapshot Delta 932 

September 2018

The new CaseTalk 9.3 adds a support for mapping unknown datatypes and updates the support for the new JSON Schema Generator. The CaseTalk Expression Generator has improved to render a text file containing all information for a Business Glossary.

For high level diagrams, aka Concept Maps, the Viewer 4.0 has a new diagram tab. It contains an auto layout engine for arranging the concepts.

  • Concept Map Diagram
  • New DataType support
  • Generate Business Glossary
  • Minor user interface fixes
  • Read more here and here...


August 2018

The new CaseTalk 9.2 adds a brand new JSON Schema Generator and some improvements. The JSON Schema Generator is not to be confused the the already exported JSON Table Schema. The latter contains a description similar to a relational model, whereas the former contains regular object definitions like UML Classes. Please get your free update from our download section.

  • Added the JSON Schema generator
  • Improved UML and OWL export
  • Model validation enhancement
  • Minor user interface fixes


July 2018

CaseTalk Modeler 9.1 and Manager 5.1 are released as an improvement for the previous full version, and adds some amazing new features. We invite you to download your update today.


  • Database script enhancements
    Improved DBA support by layering scripts
    Views for verbalized production data
  • New generators
    MySQL v8 including Views
  • Regional setting
  • Diagram optimization
  • Strong data type validation

The Manager contains a new preview function for diagrams and files, hardens the upload functionality, and contains massive performance improvements on the brand new dependency graphs.

layered scripts


May 2018

After many years of working and releasing updates in the realm of CaseTalk version 8, it is time to move on. After solving many issues along the way, and implementing lot's of features during many, many cycles, we feel we need to bump CaseTalk towards a new major version number. CaseTalk 8 has received hundreds of updated and features over its lifetime. Now version 9 adds well over 70 changes to it's release and some great new improvements.

Feb 2018

CaseTalk Modeler 8.30 - The Valentine Hotfix

valentineWe started improving some of the drag and drop features in CaseTalk, when a blocking issue came up. If you're working on models containing custom attributes, the GLR transformation may stop. For this stopping issue, we created this hotfix where you'll get interface improvements earlier then scheduled as a special valentine gift.

For more information on what's new, please read: CaseTalk Modeler changelog.


Feb 2018

CaseTalk Modeler 8.29 is another maintenance release strengthening internal sql usage.

Much progress has been made since our previous release, merely 2 weeks ago. Another cycle of increased stability and internal sql functionality seemed worth getting out as soon as possible to our users.

  • Extended the internal sql engine with "macro" and "annotation" functions.
  • Expression pattern matching can be made case-insensitive.
  • And much more..

For more information on what's new, please read: CaseTalk Modeler changelog.


Jan 2018

CaseTalk Modeler 8.28 and Viewer 3.3 is a maintenance release with massive speed improvements for large and larger information models.

Since our last release 35 reported tickets have been resolved. Major features implemented in this release are:

  • Massive speed improvement in models with over a thousand fact types.
  • Customizable sql based model validations.
  • Denodo Materialized Tables containing example population.
  • JSON Schema Table generation
  • Automatic creation of README.MD for SVN and GitHub projects.

For more information on what's new, please read: CaseTalk Modeler changelog and Viewer changelog.


Nov 2017

CaseTalk Modeler 8.27 and Viewer 3.2 is a maintenance release with overall stability in mind. Over the past four weeks we plugged well over 20 issues. For more information on what's new, please read: CaseTalk Modeler changelog and Viewer changelog.


Oct 2017

CaseTalk Modeler 8.26 is a maintenance release with an improved OWL/RDF export for those interested in semantic web and ontologies. This release contains various interface improvements and enhancements. For more information on what's new, please read: CaseTalk Modeler changelog.

Owl in Protege

Sept 2017

CaseTalk Modeler 8.25 is shipped as certified software, signed by BCP Software. CaseTalk Modeler has received many stability improvements thanks to users sending us feedback. We advice you to update or upgrade as soon as possible if you're working with a version which occasionally crashes. For more information on what's new, please read: CaseTalk Modeler changelog.

Sept 2017

CaseTalk Modeler 8.24 has been released today. It contains 24 resolved tickets and new features. Since we've added the new IDE user interface to the options of CaseTalk, the release of 8.23 has seen minor updates to plug all the different internal state errors. This release is finally the more stable version which also adds a few new features. Feel free to download your update and enjoy the work. Click here for the full CaseTalk Modeler changelog.

In addition to the Modeler, we've bumped the Manager to version 4.6. It now includes a model dependencies browser. Allowing users to navigate among models used and see by which other they're used.

July 2017

This month delivers a big update for the entire CaseTalk suite. We updated and released the Modeler, the Viewer and the Manager. In total this releases contains well over 40 changes and improvements. Within a couple of weeks we bumped our Modeler 8.23 towards 8.23.2 and 8.23.3. We felt obliged to bring hotfixes as soon as possible to make use easier and less error prone. To provide some comfort we also released the Postgresql plugin for those eligable.

  • CaseTalk Modeler (8.23, 2nd, 3rd) contains many minor and major enhancements.
  • CaseTalk Viewer (3.0) enhances the UML class diagram options.
  • CaseTalk Manager (4.5) supports downloading a model and tightens the grip on synchronized diagrams.

Please download your update at your earliest convenience.


January 2017

CaseTalk Modeler 8.18 contains a way to better handle you custom attribute definitions. After incorporating the hotfix from last week, we decided to release the new feature as soon as it was ready. You can now handle definitions similar to diagram styles. If you do not use custom attributes, there's no immediate reason to upgrade or update.

May 2017

CaseTalk Modeler 8.22 has been released today. It contains 18 fixed tickets among which are the following:

  • Custom Attribute definition for IG and IGD files.
  • Reopen last project after restart. (see the Options\Preferences)
  • Show diagram disconnected state as icon.
  • Show the archives as history.
  • Show a windows system context menu.
  • Various XSD generation fixes.
  • and much more (see: CaseTalk Modeler 8.22 - Changelog).

You are welcome to download your update.


April 2017

After releasing the new 8.20 earlier this month, we received tickets mentioning both minor and crucial issues. While we were working towards the next release, we decided to deliver this hotfix first. Have a look, and download your update. (CaseTalk Modeler 8.21CaseTalk Manager 4.4.2).

April 2017

The April release of the CaseTalk software contains Modeler 8.20 and Manager 4.4. In this release we added settings to mark the given example population as being complete. In total the products received well over 30 changes and enhancements. We added a new "Run"-menu, automatic bug and ticket submission, Denodo script enhancements, some printing and user interface issues improvements, and much more.

Go to these links to read up on the changes: Modeler and Manager.



January 2017

CaseTalk Modeler 8.17 contains fourteen fixes and tweaks to enhance the user experience. If you have a copy you are eligable for a free update. Simply login to the website and download the appropriate edition. Changes affected various areas, such as:

  • Exporting
  • Diagramming
  • Project Management

Read more on our Modeler changelog and the changes for the Manager 4.2.

December 2016

CaseTalk Modeler 8.16 contains a few enhancements and fixes:

  • Portable App installations on a readonly fileshare supported;
  • Import/merge support for diagrams added;
  • Various diagram improvements which cleanup the presentations.

Read more on our full changelog.

March 2017

Our March release of the CaseTalk software contains Modeler 8.19, Manager 4.3 and Viewer 2.9. With the new CaseTalk Manager you may now maintain multiple server definitions to switch from your companies central repositories. CaseTalk Modeler has received the most amount of changes: 28 fixes and new features.

Go to these links to read up on the changes:

November 2016

CaseTalk Modeler 8.15 continued it's support for model construction:

  • Change Role PlayedBy more easily from the Diagram;
  • Derive datatype from Label Type Property Dialog;
  • Wizard to split Fact Type with one UC on N-1 Roles and more than 2 roles;
  • Automatic administration of altered expressions during model constructing.

Read more about the new construction functions, or visit our full changelog documenting more tweaks and fixes. An update to the Viewer and Manager was made to support this new Modeler fileformats.

Oktober 2016

CaseTalk Modeler 8.14 continues to add new features. This is the short list of seven new additions:

  • For resource monitoring users, we print the used memory in the statusbar.
  • The export of the repository to XLS Spreadsheet is added.
  • Export of your Custom Attributes is included now.
  • Brand new support for Denodo Data Virtualization scripts.
  • Extend your information model with custom annotation types.
  • Easily transform a Rolefix to ObjectType (reverse function of the "Reduce Object Type").
  • Quickly construct Label Types for future use in your model.

Read more about the new construction functions, or visit our full changelog documenting eight more tweaks and eight minor and major fixes.

September 2016

CaseTalk Viewer v2.7 has improved it's support for documentation. It uses the annotation block to express the business meaning of the columns in the table, and also accompanies this with an example population.

The CaseTalk Modeler v8.13 now provides session support. When modeling during sprints in an agile project or scrum team, you incrementally adjust of expand your information model. Every time you now start a new session, you may specify the defaults for your custom attributes to keep track of this specific session scope. AND additionally you may now for the first time ever, reorder the roles in the expressions by opening up the expression edit dialog and drag the object types to the destination you desire. (watch demo)

This is how the Viewer can present table documentation according to the users specifications and verbalizations, including the examples as entered in the Modeler:


September 2016

CaseTalk Modeler 8.12 contains some grand and brand new features, enabling you to construct your model without the immediate mandatory details our FCO-IM community is used to. These functions have been added to both provide more speed during intense modeling sessions for advanced users, and also to provide a less steep learning curve to beginners.

Also our menu structure has received a big, long overdue overhoul. The "tasks" menu is now available from the main menu, contextual menu's and provides menu items for constructing and editing the model in various ways. This also adds to the visible power of the method and tool.

Read more on the construction functions or please visit our ticket pages for the changelog.

August 2016

CaseTalk Modeler 8.11.3 and Manager 4.0.3 have been released, fixing a few minor issues.

Modeler 8.11.3:

  • Improved primary key handling
  • Fixed invalid verbalization of some rules
  • Fixed diagram information misplacement

Manager 4.0.3:

  • Added detection and display of installed database schema version
  • Added filtering for members/users
  • Improved session and user account handling


For a full disclosure of fixes and changes, please visit our ticket pages.

August 2016

CaseTalk Viewer v2.6 (Release 2) improved a little more in the ERD area.

  • We further tweaked the display of weak entities in correspondence to the weak definition.
  • The non-nullable columns (Relational) and attributes (UML) are displayed in a bold font style.
  • The columns which are part of a foreign key can now be "smartly" hidden.

You may (re)download the latest CaseTalk Modeler and receive the latest Viewer with it.

Check the full list of changes is available here: Viewer.


July 2016

CaseTalk Modeler 8.11 is available for download. The changes concern:

  • Binary fact types with two uc's, without explicit grouping preference, no longer automagically group during transformation.
  • When entering expressions, the 'insert object type expression' now received it's own button for visual reasons.
  • Many user interface cleanups.
  • Improved stability.

Download your update, or read the full changelog for CaseTalk Modeler.

June 2016

CaseTalk Modeler 8.10 is available for download. The major new changes are:

  • We further fine tuned the user interface:
    - Rounded corners in diagrams,
    - (Dis)connect buttons in diagrams,
    - drag and drop of Aliases and Rolefixes.
  • Altered distribution to better support:
    - Portable App usage,
    RES Workspace Management
  • For working on removable media:
    - Search Projects from inside CaseTalk instead of manual browsing.

Download your update, or read the full changelog for CaseTalk Modeler.

June 2016

CaseTalk Modeler 8.9.1 is available for download. The major new changes are:

  • Major improvements in the PowerDesigner plugin.
  • Filtering the repository can now unhide rolefixes.
  • Improved project archive handling and menu.
  • Added support for repository export and import using Excel Spreadsheets.


Download your update, or read the full changelog for CaseTalk Modeler.

May 2016

CaseTalk Modeler 8.8.2 has just been released and contains over 30 fixes and additions. A few highlights:

  • Export the repository to a Spreadsheet;
  • The population can now be edited with a data entry screen;
  • Export to HTML now supports embedded images. This makes the html files a single stop file, simple to mail and transport;
  • The Viewer files will show up in the project manager window;
  • The project manager window shows previews of diagrams when selected.

Also an update of the CaseTalk Viewer v2.5.1 has been released to accommodate the changes in the Modeler. An important addition:

  • Export the diagrams to image files automatically by user preference.
  • These files are added to the Modeler project (if both applications are active at the same time).

And the CaseTalk Manager bumped it's version to 4.0 to also step up the feature set. It now further prepares your model storage to the upcoming Intranet Publishing Environment to share your business knowledge with the rest of you company.

Download your update and read the changes for CaseTalk Modeler, CaseTalk Viewer, CaseTalk Manager.

Februari 2016

CaseTalk 8.7 has a few fixes in the area of legacy transformations and verbalizations of rules. The major visual improvement however is present in the repository window. You can now easily view all super- and subtypes, and namespaces (if you have some).

Download your update and read the changes for CaseTalk Modeler and CaseTalk Viewer.

Januari 2016

CaseTalk Viewer v2.4 got a lot better in the ERD area. New exciting options include support for drawing weak entitites, weak relationships, ánd an additional option to turn on the displaying of the original facttype expressions which lead to this entity.

The CaseTalk Modeler v8.6 contains minor updates and fixes and has become more stable and faster in several areas of use. In regard to the Reducing in the transformations, it is no longer implicitly executed within the Lexicalization ("L") phase. So if you see any unexpected behavious, don't forget to turn on Reducing.

Also CaseTalk now allows your Diagram Window information to be exported to a HTML file. It will contain a clickable PNG, the required Expressions and your Richtext notes.

This is how the Viewer will present weak relations, -types, and documentation:

diagram er weak entitiy and links

Check the full list of changes is available here: Modeler and Viewer.

November 2015

CaseTalk Viewer v2.3 has received a small update to better support the legacy transformations in the Modeler.

The Modeler v8.3 received a larger feature, for those of you who are working on large models. You can now easily split the current model, based upon an active diagram, and optionally transform this selection.

transform diagram only

By simply dragging facts into a diagram building your selection. Now when you go back to the repository window, leaving this diagram open and active, select "Transform <YourDiagram> only...". CaseTalk will copy the selected facts into a new model (ig file) and immediately start transforming it.

Great stuff for doing incremental delivery or testing, or simply using parts of your bigger business model for smaller implementations.

A full list of changes is available here: Modeler and Viewer.

August 2015

CaseTalk 8.2 has been released. It contains over 50 different updates. Making it again a more stable and user friendly product. Some of the highlights are:

  • Windows 10 tested
  • Many XSD fixes
  • New SQLite script generation
  • Updated subset constraint editor
  • Changed interface to be more consistent
  • Connect diagram elements using shortest path
  • Improved several performance issues
  • ...click here for a complete list

February 2015

CaseTalk Modeler 8.1.3 is available for download. It contains some crucial fixes and missing enhancements. We did this release while talking about CaseTalk, software engineering and system requirements to students of Institut Teknologi Del together with Guido Bakema.

casetalk at itdel with prof-bakema

For a list of changes, please visit: bugs.casetalk.net

Januari 2015

CaseTalk Modeler 8.1.2 is now available for download. It contains some crucial fixes and a few enhancements. Most enhancements are in the merging area of models. The dialog for displaying and selecting has been enhanced.

You may re-download your copy after logging in at our site. If you want to read all the details about fixes and improvements, please visit: bugs.casetalk.net

December 2014

CaseTalk Modeler 8.1 is now available for download. It contains over 50 new features, changes and fixes. Among the log list are:

  • Updated prototyper is back in the distribution
  • Improved generator and support for scripts (e.g. XSD, MySql)
  • Select the shortest path between two fact types
  • DBase import and export is back
  • SQLite has been updated to support common table expressions
  • and much much more...

You may re-download your copy after logging in at our site. If you want to read all the details about fixes and improvements, please visit: bugs.casetalk.net

March 2014

CaseTalk Modeler 8.0.3 is now available for download. It contains fixes in the area of IG-Merging, Project Management, Diagram OTFT's with errors and warnings as hints, and a lot more. You may re-download your copy after logging in at our site. If you want to read all the details about fixes and improvements, please visit: bugs.casetalk.net

Also read our letter containing development background which lead to version 8 here.

January 2014

Today we released the new CaseTalk Modeler version 8. It contains a huge amount of fixes and many user interface changes. Under the hood we migrated to the latest development tools which allows us to speed up development for multiple platforms. For now you may download the latest version and simply re-use your CaseTalk 7 license to activate your copy.

Please enjoy this major new version of CaseTalk Modeler.

January 2013

The CaseTalk 7 is now extended with UML class diagramming and ER diagramming. These new features are implemented in a seperate tool called the Viewer. For educational editions this product is added as is for free. Corporate Editions need an additional license key to activate the software.

Please read here for more information on the Viewer, or contact us regarding your additional license.

November 2012

We proudly announce CaseTalk version 7. This is a major update which has been waiting for some time to complete. Lots and lots of bugs were fixed, and great new features were added.

May 2013

We are happy to announce today the release of CaseTalk Modeler 7.3.3 and CaseTalk Viewer 1.3.3.

The Modeler contains a new export function to export OWL/RDF in XML file format. This file format allows users of Protége to import the file and continue their work in the Semantic Web and Ontology world of OWL and RDF. Since this is a first release of this functionality, we invite you to give us feedback on how wel it is working.

Again our CaseTalk Viewer which displays traditional FCO-IM diagrams, but also ERD and UML has had a maintenance update.

April 2013

We are happy to announce today the release of CaseTalk Modeler 7.2.1 and CaseTalk Viewer 1.3.2.

The Modeler contains tweaks to export UML Class Diagrams in a XMI file format. This file format has been adjusted somewhat so users of Enterprise Architect can now use these files and connect to the conceptual models from CaseTalk. Additionally we've adjusted our xml schema export (XSD) to allow Aquima import this as well. Although Aquima is a rule based tool, it does require entities and attributes to base it's rules upon. Having CaseTalk imports benefits the modeling of rules.

Our Viewer has had some modification to the UML association links. These worked great but some exceptions remained where it did not. So we fixed that.