CaseTalk is built around a generic repository, containing both conceptual and transformed models. By leveraging this generic repository, CaseTalk can reverse and forward engineer technological artifacts.

Over time, various plug-ins were added, supporting a range of artifacts including various database scripts, XML-schema definitions, XML exports, and much more. With the ever-quickly evolving technology, new file formats and updated standards are published continuously, and new tools become available all the time. In that aspect, CaseTalk will always be incomplete, but at the same time, CaseTalk is fully equipped to adapt.

In the case you are missing functionality for something old or new, please contact us for a free inquiry. We are confident in being able to add a new transformation or extension to fit your needs.



Supported Tools

Idera ER/Studiologo powerdesigner

Supported Databases

Microsoft SQL Server Logooracle logods-firebird-logo-1000interbase-logopostgresql logomysql-logomariadbSQLite-logoDenodo Logomsaccessteradatamongodb


rdf w3cjsonschemaXML Schema Definitionuml