The data modeling method "FCO-IM" is a successor of the well known method NIAM; both use natural language to assemble the model. The FCO-IM is an advanced data modeling method which allows more elegant models, capable of better model to model transformations, while remaining to be easily validated by the business and it's users.

The FCO-IM method contains the following set of structural principles which are additional to the basic principles of NIAM, such as natural language, concrete examples, user interviews and prescription based information modelling.

The essence of Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling (FCO-IM) is modeling the communication. Employees exchange facts using communication all the time. For example: "Invoice 1238 has an invoice date 1-1-1999". FCO-IM models that communication, the facts in natural language. This article explains the importance of communication as the starting point for fact based modeling.