The CaseTalk presentation at Full Scale Data Architect Meetup on 14 july 2018. It was a two part presentation in which ProRail (Dutch Railways) presented their information architecture, accompanied by CaseTalk which provides toolsupport for them.

Slide 3 and slide 4 show blank rectangles. These originally contained two PoC video's to demonstrate the possibilities for ProRail to integrate all business area's in an integrated language model.

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CaseTalk 20 Years

CaseTalk Pitch - 1 Minute

1 minuteA short overview of aspects to be adressed when working with data, to which CaseTalk may have an aswer for you.

CaseTalk Demo - 15 Minutes

15 minuteCaseTalk has many features and this short video will demonstrate most of them in a very quick and handy overview.

CaseTalk Presentation - 1 Hour

60 minuteIn this hour long recorded session, Marco Wobben, talks about the history, the method and what CaseTalk can provide.