Data warehouse is typically a requirement for Business Intelligence purposes. Providing numbers, statistics and hopefully the answers to management questions. Management, questions and answers are all about the meaning of data, also called information.

Information is not about the data, but is about the meaning. No better way to capture and give meaning to data by a proper information model. The more verbalisation a model can contain the more exact and meaningful the answers will be.

From a proper documentation of source systems, verbalised user requirements and a meaningful and self-explanatory data warehouse model will help getting you business the exact answers needed for you questions.

CaseTalk offers a unique way of capturing the conceptual information model. By simply modelling the source systems, adding verbalisations and examples an unambiguous information model is build. CaseTalk can export its model to Data Warehouse building and loading tools. CaseTalk has additional modules to transform its conceptual models into a dimensional model and derive the data marts from these.

During all these data warehouse model generations, verbalisations are maintained and the meaning is preserved all the way, from specifications till the final product.