It is safe to assume your business already has one or more IT systems up and running. Hopefully they deliver the functions that your busines need. Requirements however change, and sometimes systems are updated, rebuild, or need to be integrated with other systems. Having the proper knowledge and business requirements to be able to modify or integrate with these systems is occasionally a big problem. Having the knowledge in a documented and meaningfull form is rare. Extracting the business knowledge from an existing system is usually hard. And yet, for every business development and system change, Business - IT alignment is crucial.

CaseTalk provides you with a Reverse Engineering module for existing database implementations. It can be turn existing database catalogs into a conceptual model. Business users can use this starting point to add their knowledge, language and current examples. From that the future is set on the track of decent, long lasting, and a solid knowledge base. It allows for more controlled system change, or better validated models to build integration models with other systems.

The organisation will finally have the tool and the method to build a commonly understood knowledge base. Buildig a common knowledge base, independent of technology, allows your IT to change with the latest business developments and new requirements in an agile manner.

CaseTalk can then generate updated system designs, provide specifications for enterprise busses to unlock legacy, and much more.