Data exchange is the core activity for automated systems in your business. These systems are in fact allowing business information to be exchanged in an automated way. So where did the knowledge to build this system come from? Sometimes one would think the IT department just knows and delivers. In a lot of cases IT doesn't know it well enough, and systems occasionally fail business requirements. Agile strategies try to counter that gap between IT and Business. But agility itself is no solid foundation for your information management either.

What truly needs to be done, is to use a method which allows both Business and IT to communicate to each other. Communicate using business jargon to specify unambigeous business requirements and capture business knowledge. Such a method would allow for all parties involved to build a commonly understood and well documented knowledge base.

Building a common knowledge base using business jargon, allows system designs to be derived from it. It is a great business opportunity to finally be able to connect all systems and exchange data in a uniform and meaningfull way. Without any IT experience, business people can now learn how to write down information requirement in their own natural language, exchange requirements with IT, and even have IT generate their system designs from it.

It truly brings the business back into IT and make systems deliver what your business needs.