This example illustrates the recursive capabilities of CaseTalk in a commonly encountered situation: folders and files on a hard-disk.

From the UOD we extract the information:

C:\My Documents\Customers\John Doe\Contact.doc 25KB
D:\Temp\Test.prj 2.5KB

Verbalising this source would result in the following expressions:

"The size of file C:\My Documents\Customers\John Doe\Contact.doc is 25KB."
"The size of file D:\Temp\Test.prj is 2.5KB."

Classification of these expressions will result in a expression tree like:

The diagram from this expression results in the following:

Again from this repository the expressions regenerated look like this:


Using the Grouping and Reducing on this model we end up with an ER like representation of the elementary model.

If we were to Lexicalize this we would end up with a two-table database design for storing folders and files.

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