These articles will show usage of CaseTalk, demonstrating how to refactor your model, or model very specific facts. If you have questions which remain unanswered please ask us. Your question may lead to an article on our website for the benefit of you and others.


Though the FCO-IM method guarantees an higher accuracy for your information model, which leads to less rework after initial release and usage, it also requires you to put in a lot of thinking effort from the very beginning. And though this approach is very supportive for incremental work, beginners tend to think of it as tiresome.

This example illustrates the recursive capabilities of CaseTalk in a commonly encountered situation: folders and files on a hard-disk.

Suppose you have already modelled an object type Journey, which is identified by a journey code, and which already plays several roles in other fact types. But you now want to change the identification of this object type because the journey code is expanded with a country code and the year in which it takes place.