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Disclaimer: This page is about the datavault support you may find in your version of CaseTalk. It also talks about features which may only be available in the beta channel. While we're hard at work to bring it all to production, some of it is still considered early alpha/beta development. Please be patient.

Diagram Style settings

To visualize the datavault hubs, links and satellites, the diagram style needs the coloring set to Ensemble.

DataVault Builder

To generate json files to be imported into DataVaultBuilder, some work is involved. After your environment is set up, and your model annotated, you can simply use File\Export\DataVault Builder to generate an archive with files for uploading.

Custom Attributes

Custom attributes need to be defined for the staging tables to be provided. These are required for the loading of hubs. Please create a custom attribute folder named "DataVault" and the following attributes:

  • Staging System ID
  • Staging Table ID
  • Staging Column ID
  • Satellite ID

The last is optional, since you may also provide these names when using with satellite containers as mentioned in the following paragraph.

Satellite Containers

When adding a container with the schema DVSAT, the name of the container is used as a satellite identifier. After adding the container to the model with the appropriate naming, from this container relations may be added to fact types which are to be included in this satellite group. DV Satellite Container