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License keys

CaseTalk may be installed using a regular setup installation into you program files or unzipped into a so-called local folder. CaseTalk will then at startup search for a valid license key file.

The following steps are followed to find the license key for your installation.

  1. Check your roaming profile folder \users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\CaseTalk<N>\casetalk.key.
  2. If the application is started in portable mode it'll search the applications subfolder {appdata} for the key file.
  3. If still not found, it attempts to use a key file directly from the same folder where casetalk.exe itself resides.
  4. If that file does not exist either, it'll check the Windows registry for a potential old license information.

If all of the above fails, or the found key is invalid, a new license should be requested from the website. The new license can be stored in two locations:

  • Your roaming profile folder
  • An application subfolder called {appdata} for portable app usage.

Note: Versions prior to 10.3 have a potential issue concerning key files under point 3.