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CaseTalk Manager Installation

The CaseTalk Manager requires a SQL Server installation to upload and download project files. This is a manual and multi-step process.

Database Script

The CaseTalk Manager is available for download after you received the correct credentials. After downloading and installing the server edition of CaseTalk, a subdirectory is created called SCRIPTS.

In that folder you'll find all the instructions and Database Server Scripts you need to build your server environment. Please read further instructions in the accompanied install.txt file. You may either build a new database installation, or upgrade the existing database to the latest version.


Connection Configuration

The first time the CaseTalk Manager is started it'll prompt for connection details. As system administrators it is possible to configure these through the CaseTalkManager.ini file, located in the roaming profile folder %APPDATA%\CaseTalk12.



OdbcDriver=ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server

OdbcDriver=ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server

The configration file consists of a few sections:

  • Settings: The default active server connection to be used
  • CaseTalk: File reference to be able to find and start the Modeler
  • db|<n>: One of N connection configurations

The DB<N> sections contain the following options:

  • name: The connection name as displayed in the user interface
  • dbuser: The database username (The examples show a $ at the end indicating the value is encoded. This can be a plain text line which require the $ to be absent).
  • dbpwd: Database login password
  • DataSource: The SQL Server instance location
  • Catalog: The database instance name in SQL Server
  • OdbcParams: Optional driver parameters
  • OdbcDriver: SQL Server driver name to be used
  • active: This is a legacy parameter and a duplicate of the settings section.

SQL Server Driver

Please consult the microsoft webpage to find the appropriate driver with your SQL Server installation:

Possible standard names for OdbcDriver, through already installed drivers, are:

  • ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server
  • ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Native Client 10.0
  • SQL Server Native Client 11.0

To use a specific ODBC DLL, edit the CaseTalkManager.ini file and add the line ODBCLibrary to refer to the DLL instead:


32 bit OS

The ODBC Drivers are tight to the 32/64 bit of the OS. Default the 64 bit drivers are deployed with CaseTalk. If you are running it in a 32 bit OS, you may need the 32 bit drivers. The portable app distribution contains the 32 bit driver in a subfolder called odbc32. Please copy these into the root folder of CaseTalk to be used instead.