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Diagram Designer Window

This window allows a visual feedback of the model stored in the repository. Adding or removing objects from this diagram does not influence the model.



You may easily switch the diagram to different visual styles and setup by using the brush button on the top-right. It shows a menu to save, load or alter the options. Once you've setup several styles, you can use this same menu to switch styles.


Fact Types can be dragged into a diagram from the repository using the mouse. Selections inside the diagram itself can be made using the three different selection modi (Crtl+1,2,3):

  1. Select OTFT. Use Shift while clicking to toggle individual OTFT's
  2. Select Role. Use Ctrl while clicking to toggles individual Roles
  3. Select a Role. Using Alt while clicking a single Role for reordering during dragging. (This only works in versions before 9.6. After that version roles are automatically positioned depending on the PlayedByOT part. The position can be changed using the relative positioning of the PlayedByOT parts, or by inserting a breakpoint in that line going out.)


The visual properties for the diagram can be altered quickly using styles. The Diagram options can be adjusted per style, and the styles are changeable using the button with the paintbrush icon.

It shows a popup menu to edit the options, save the current style, or choose one of the existing styles as previously saved. The special style called 'Default' will be used for new diagrams.


All objects visualized in the diagram contain verbalizations which are shown here. DiagramDesignerExpressions.png

Hint: Try doubleclicking the lines and type names. They'll result in model navigation.


This tab allows rich text to be entered where recognized words are hi-lighted. The words recognized may be a name of a diagram or fact types. This automagic linking happens without any intervention. Name changes in the project or model may remove or add links.


The hyperlinks will be automatically created by CaseTalk. It may link to matching diagram names or type names in the model. A click on such a hyperlink will navigate you to the matched item.