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Expression File Window


Expression Files

Expression files are an alternative method to populate the repository. Expressions are entered using the CaseTalk Text Editor. This window is opened with the Text Edit... button.

Single Tag

Expression are qualified and classified in exactly the same way as when entering an expression in the CaseTalk Repository Window. The Quantify button opens the Expression Input Window.

Once an expression is qualified ', Tag' is added at the end of the expression (not visible in the Expression File Window, only in the Text Editor Window) and the 'Tag' button changes into an 'Untag' button for the qualified expression.

Additional buttons allow you to quickly insert, delete or edit a single line.

Double Tag

Newer versions of CaseTalk may support the double tagging. If expressions get qualified into the model, the expressions are not tagged using the "TAG" keyword but will contain the <expressioncode>.

The double tags are visible to indicate they are qualified into the model already.


The "recycle button" can be clicked to clean the double tags on expressions which are no longer in the model. Tags remain, but the <expressioncode> is simply replaced by the anonymous "TAG" keyword.