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CaseTalk Modeler 13

These pages are specifically crafted to represent version 13 of CaseTalk Modeler. They contain mostly features and screenprints taken from this version.


  • Your settings remain stored in the roaming folder (AppData\Roaming\CaseTalk<12>).
  • CaseTalk will not automatically upgrade your project files. Once prompted and answered with 'Yes To All', this changes.

A full history of changes can be found here:

Ms Windows Navigation

Just as a quick reminder, we've build the UI to be as efficient as we could think to make it. And there might be faster and better ways of doing it still. Here's a short list of generic shortcuts, which may help you find even more:

  • Double click to navigate or open another detail level
  • Right-click to open contextual menus
  • Shift+F10 open the context menu using the keyboard
  • Keyboard shortcuts are listed behind menu items
  • Diagram control use the arrow keys to navigate (and/or combined with Alt or Shift)
  • F2 starts editing
  • Selecting items using Spacebar Arrows (and/or combined with Shift or Control)

Project windows

Modeling Windows

Wizards and Experts

Refactoring Functions

The following functions are available to refactor, alter or modify the model. Some construction features may require advanced settings to be activated through the Environment Options.

  • Construct a Fact Type
  • Construct an Object Type
  • Construct a Subtype
  • Construct a Label Type
  • Construct Concept or Container
  • Construct Structure
  • Add Role
  • Changed Role "Played By"
  • Nominalize Label Type
  • Replace Object Type
  • Replace Object Type Expression
  • Duplicate
  • Duplicate Onto
  • Split Fact Type

Details and Constraints

Fact Expressions


The Enterprise Edition of CaseTalk contains a Teams Menu which offers similar functionality as previously only found in the CaseTalk Manager.




Settings and Options


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