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Resources referring to CaseTalk and/or FCO-IM


  • Book expounding structure and method of FCO-IM referencing to use CaseTalk. The Dutch software company BCP Software brings their FCO-IM tool CaseTalk in three editions: a Book Edition (free) an Educational Edition (free for university students and lecturers all over the world) and a Professional Edition
  • Rosedata Stone by Steve Hoberman. CaseTalk is the most popular tool that supports FCO-IM. ... Once the BTM is complete in CaseTalk, it can generate different types of databse structures such as spreadsheets, relational, XML and JSON.
  • Fact Oriented Modeling with FCO-IM . CaseTalk Modeler is an excellent modeling tool that implements almost everything in this book.
  • Conceptual Modelling in Information Systems Engineering Various software tools support different flavours of the fact-oriented approach. ... The FCO-IM version is supported by the commercial tool CaseTalk.
  • Simulation Conceptual Modeling By Jeffrey Strickland. Various software tools exist to enter ORM schemas and generate relational databse schemas. These include Microsoft Visio for Enterprise Architects, ... CaseTalk .. and NORMA.
  • Handbook of Research on Emerging Rule-Based Languages and Technologies by Giurca, Adrian. Many commercial and academic tools that support ORM solutions are available, including the ORM solution within Microsoft's Visio for Enterprise Architects, NORMA, CaseTalk, ..
  • Information Modeling and Relational Databases by [[Terry_Halpin | Terry Halpin], Tony Morgan. The FCO-IM version is supported by the commercial tool CaseTalk ...

The founders of FCO-IM wrote a Dutch book explaining the method.

 Title: Volledig Communicatie-georiënteerde Informatie-modellering
 Author(s): Bakema  Zwart  van der Lek
 Edition: 1st
 Published: tenHagenStam
 Date: 2002
 ISBN: 90-267-2316-4 
  • An English edtion has been made available as a free e-Book. It is available for downloads from FCO-IM and CaseTalk or the ORM Foundation ORM Foundation.

A more revised book has been published in 2015. "This book offers a complete basic course in Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling (FCO-IM), a Fact Oriented Modeling (FOM) data modeling technique. ... The book also illustrates how data models in other techniques can be derived from an elementary FCO-IM model. ... The powerful software tool CaseTalk supports everything covered here." (back cover).

 Title: Fact Oriented Modeling with FCO-IM - Capturing business semantics in data models with fully communication oriented information modeling
 Author(s): Zwart  Engelbart  Hoppenbrouwers
 Edition: 1st
 Published: Technics Publications
 Date: 2015
 ISBN: 978-1-63462-086-4


  • Fact Oriented Modeling Training "FOM as a method is described completely in the book Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling, and further elucidated in the accompanying book with exercises and cases. The method is fully supported in conformity with the theory by CaseTalk, the FOM Casetool of BCP Software. FOM is cornerstone of the Information Management Frame. This Frame is described in the book About Facts and Things."
  • FCO-IM Tutorial (1) "Now, you can do it manually or you can use a tool like CaseTalk. ... Below, I have used CaseTalk to identify ... "
  • Fact-Oriented Modeling in ERM and FCO-IM "Better FOM technique: FCO-IM and CaseTalk", (slides 54..61)

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