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0001193CaseTalk ModelerDiagramspublic2017-03-22 20:37
ReporterRobert GeurtsAssigned ToBCP Software  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version8.19Fixed in Version8.19 
Summary0001193: Menu option to generate expression file should be part of the Repository-menu, not the Project-menu.
DescriptionMenu option to generate expression file should be part of the Repository-menu, not the Project-menu.
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duplicate of 0001207 closedBCP Software Combine all transformative menu items into a single place 
related to 0001192 closedBCP Software An expression file is part of the wrong repository. 
related to 0001191 closedBCP Software The expression file should be part of the repository and not of the project. 


BCP Software

BCP Software

2017-03-06 12:35

administrator   ~0000736

This would also be applicable for the "Generate Model" and other repository related menu items. They are there for they influence the project structure and only use the repository as a source.

However this could be applied to the "Transform" menu item as well.

Should we bring them all under Project, under Repository, or even under a new item called "Transform" ..?
BCP Software

BCP Software

2017-03-22 20:37

administrator   ~0000774

Closed and resolved as documented by 0001207.

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