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0001799CaseTalk ModelerGeneration (SQL, XML, etc)public2018-08-29 15:39
ReporterBCP Software Assigned ToBCP Software  
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Target Version9.3Fixed in Version9.3 
Summary0001799: Too generic column/attribute names
DescriptionWhen an Object Type contains a role played by a generic Label Type the entities should not simply generate a column/property/attribute with just the name of that Label Type.

Examples are Label Types called: Name, ID, No, etc..
If used in Employee, Department, etc.. it should be generated as

Employee_No, Department_ID, etc..
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BCP Software

BCP Software

2018-08-28 18:51

administrator   ~0001248

OWL/RDF en UML will have this fix in v9.3
BCP Software

BCP Software

2018-08-28 19:04

administrator   ~0001250

In regular GLR the rolefix may be applied.
BCP Software

BCP Software

2018-08-29 09:45

administrator   ~0001251

For OWL a DataProperty and sub-DataProperty will suffice.
BCP Software

BCP Software

2018-08-29 15:39

administrator   ~0001252

A rolefix can suffice. For OWL a different DatatypeProperty will solve it.

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