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0001853CaseTalk ModelerConstraintspublic2022-10-23 16:48
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Summary0001853: Cardinality Constraints
DescriptionThe concept of Cardinality Constraints is currently missing from CaseTalk.
A CC applies to one or more Roles of a Fact Type (OTFT). It therefore has a Repository structure similar to an UC.
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BCP Software

BCP Software

2018-09-14 08:01

administrator   ~0001284

CC is an odd constraint. We would like to set the cardinality of it per role-set. For instance "=3" or "1,2,3", or "7,12-99", etc. By default the UC which resembles the role-set structure has a cardinality of "<=1".

If CC is implemented as a broader UC, how would this affect existing drawing routines, and GLR algorithms?
BCP Software

BCP Software

2022-09-16 15:22

administrator   ~0004613

CaseTalk prevents overlapping UCs, if both UC (implied CC) and generice CC are to be stored in the same UC-tables, CaseTalk should nuance this rule. Additionally diagrams need to draw these UC-types differently.
BCP Software

BCP Software

2022-10-20 22:52

administrator   ~0004641

Entering and drawing is done, verbalization in natural language is still needed.
BCP Software

BCP Software

2022-10-22 18:28

administrator   ~0004642

UML Cardinality drawn.

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