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0002565CaseTalk ModelerGeneration (SQL, XML, etc)public2022-01-10 20:40
ReporterBCP Software Assigned ToBCP Software  
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Target Version10.2.1Fixed in Version10.2.1 
Summary0002565: ER/Studio script datatype change
DescriptionER/Studio script generator does not contain datatype specific details or support the Default Value for roles. This could be added in the script generator..
Additional InformationSet MyDomain = MyDict.Domains.Add("BirthDate", "BirthDate")
        MyDomain.Datatype = "DATE"
        MyDomain.Nullable = False

    Set MyDomain = MyDict.Domains.Add("FirstName", "FirstName")
        MyDomain.Datatype = "NVARCHAR"
        MyDomain.DataLength = 255
        MyDomain.Nullable = False
        ' Declarative Default: Specifies the default domain value when a value is not explicitly specified during an insert. DEFAULT definitions can be applied to any columns except those defined as timestamp, or those with the IDENTITY property. Only a constant value, such as a character string; a system function, such as SYSTEM_USER(); a NULL; or a constraint name can be assigned to a DEFAULT.
        MyDomain.DeclaredDefault = "user_name()"
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BCP Software

BCP Software

2020-06-28 20:57

administrator   ~0001686

Added script support for
- Domain.DataLength
- Column.DefaultValue
BCP Software

BCP Software

2022-01-10 20:40

administrator   ~0004122

Closing automatically, stayed too long in resolved state. Feel free to re-open with additional information if you think the issue is not resolved.

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