Data exchange is the core activity for automated systems within a business. These systems allow business information to be automatically exchanged. Where did the knowledge to build this system come from? It is commonly thought that IT simply knows and delivers, however, this is not the case. In many situations, IT is not adequately informed, causing systems to occasionally fail business requirements. The agile approach tries to close the gap between IT and Business, but that alone is not a strong enough foundation for information management.

What should be done is to utilize a method that allows both Business and IT to communicate with one another using clear business requirements and the ability to capture business knowledge. This method allows all parties involved to build a commonly understood and well-documented knowledge base.

Building a common knowledge base using business jargon creates the opportunity for systems to be derived from the language used. Finally being able to connect all systems in a uniform way is an excellent business opportunity. Without any prior IT experience, people on the business side can learn how to record information requirements using business jargon; exchange requirements with IT; and even have IT generate their system designs around these.

By using this method, Business is brought back into IT, ensuring that systems deliver what your business needs.



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