We are pleased to be presenting Fact Oriented Modeling at the second edition of Knowledge Gap on 19th, 20th and 21st of may 2021.

Join us for a virtual conference full of thinkers and experts in the current information and architecture arena.

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October 2020

The release of CaseTalk 10.2.6 supersedes the earlier releases this month. It is another maintenance release. It adds fixes to the user interface, diagram file handling, and for external file synchronization software.

  • Save newly added diagrams to prevent 'unsaved changes'
  • Improve rolemapping for some model merge scenarios
  • Viewer adds expressions and tuples to FCO-IM diagram
  • Reverse engineering of column name differences in foreign keys

Pre 10.2.6 fixes:

  • Fixed reverse engineering of ODBC connections
  • Fixed some more blocking diagram issues
  • Viewer supports curved corners for lines
  • Support for TAGs in Custom Attributes
  • Custom Naming Conventions for models after been transformed
  • Selectively unarchive files from historical backups

You may download your update or read the changelog.

The Dutch company ProRail is responsible for all rail infrastructure in the Netherlands. They have built an impressive architecture to manage their information needs and to be able to steer IT projects. For this they have been using CaseTalk for more than a decade, and are involved in specifying requirements of the CaseTalk Portal. All of this supports their effort for data governance, and they've published a video on LinkedIn explaining how this works for them.

This article by Robert Breteler who works at the AFM, the Dutch Authorities Financial Markets, describes how the organization becomes data driven by using Fact Oriented Modeling with CaseTalk. The article is in Dutch (read an English Google translate here).

August 2020

This release of CaseTalk 10.2.3 is a maintenance which brings many stability fixes and some performance improvements, and some minor features.

  • The Teams Menu for multi user and version management received some fixes.
  • Text files are all stored in UTF8 encoding, except for VBA scripts.
  • ODBC Driver handling has improved.
  • Faster loading of diagrams with missing fonts.

Added since 10.2.2:

  • Merging has some improvements while handling namespace, supertype changes and overwriting details.

You may download your update or read the changelog.

In this pandemic there's data, conclusions, advice and conspiracy available. Whatever you do, stay safe, do not infect others unknowingly, and wear your mask where applicable. As with the Spanish Flu, which killed 50 million people world wide, the current numbers may seem small to some, but the virus is still spreading mutating and infecting people. And our health is at serious risk even if we survive potential infection.

There will be no conference anytime soon where you'll see CaseTalk presented, unless it's online and digital and remote.

Please all stay well, and hopefully we will meet as soon as possible again.

Wear A Mask

June 2020

The third release of CaseTalk 10 brings the version up to 10.2. Ever since we started rebuilding the graphics library we've also had to tune out the tweaks which appeared. This update is another step into stabilizing version 10. Amongst the fixes there's a brand new integration of model management under the menu "Teams" in the Enterprise Edition of CaseTalk.

  • The very first Enterprise Edition with integrated Teams Menu for multi user and version management.
  • Text files are all stored in UTF8 encoding.
  • Extend the Keywords with your own set.
  • Faster loading of projects with many diagrams.
  • Expression Files can be (dis)connected to see which are already in the model.
  • 8th of July bumps it to 10.2.1 with additional fixes (read more here).

FistIn the wake of current protests and shows of solidarities around the world, we found the opportunity to join the peaceful protest in Utrecht (Netherlands) to add our voice to support raising awareness of racist and biased treatments of black people and all marginalized people. Factually "all lives matter", but before we can accomplish that we need to really address that currently some lives seem to matter less, for that phenomena we all need to make room to listen and understand "black lives matter". Only by fully acknowledging that black people are not less, understanding that maginalizing people is wrong, we can learn the meaning of "all lives matter".

May 2020

The May 2020 update arrived. The brand new 10 version contained still a few annoying glitches in diagramming. Reported and known glitches got fixed in this update. Just as exciting is the new set of features and model extensions we added:

  • Added Role Readings
  • Support for Abstract Supertype
  • Add Undefined Concepts for future modeling
  • Export diagrams as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
  • Database Views now for all Generators

Apr 2020

After working with users for a few weeks on issues and features, the brand new CaseTalk 10 is finally out! Thanks to all for the valuable feedback. Please stay safe and enjoy your free upgrade. (For activation, please re-enter your existing license.)

  • Contains the new CaseTalk Logo
  • Contains support for the GDI+ interface to render diagrams better.
  • Improved Business Glossary support.
  • Drag and drop of files onto the Diagram to create double-clickable hyperlinks.
  • Qualification/Classification now supports Alias names.
  • ... and much more.

You may download your update or read the changelog.


Mar 2020

A maintenance release for the CaseTalk Modeler and a CaseTalk Viewer update.

  • The Viewer now contains support for the GDI+ interface to render diagrams better.
  • The Modeler has improved support for governance over multiple models and version.
  • The Modeler also improved performance on working with very large models and many diagrams.
  • Included is a minor update for the Manager which better detects network connections.

You may download your update or read the Modeler Changelog and the Viewer Changelog.


Jan 2020

A second release this Januari adds a few brand new features. CaseTalk 9.10 adds support for:

  • linking to fact types or files inside CaseTalk from external applications.
  • grouping (and/or) locking elements in diagrams.
  • support first time users with a Welcome Configuration and Startcenter

You may download your update or read the changelog.


Jan 2020

The first release of CaseTalk in the new year 2020 contains new features, the support for lineage is extended, and some user interface issues have been ironed over.

  • CaseTalk Modeler v9.9.0
    - Import ERwin XML model files
    - Population editor with lookup for values
    - SQLite instance creation in addition to scripts
    - Expression tree navigation added
    - Extended namespace origin of more model elements
  • CaseTalk Viewer v4.2.4
    - Optimized performance
    - Drag and drop while zoomed fixed
  • CaseTalk Manager v5.8
    - Fixed a UI glitch for grids
    - Closed a security hole for guests being able to upload

Among the couple of hundred countries on this planet, there are way more languages and dialects. Communication over language domains is hard. We need translators or interpretors to cross those boundaries. Even though tech is trying to chip away at this hard problem by automating that, we still have a long way to go. And language is not static, it changes constantly in space and time. As soon as time passes or communities become isolated from others, people change their language for the purpose of their own communication.

IT stands for Information Technology. At one time, the abbreviation “ICT” still contained the “C”, or communication. However, since it was related only to the telecommunication sector and IT took over, we are now left with a two-letter acronym. Almost prophetically, we now see the process of IT lacking in communication.

These days, what IT represents is commonly misunderstood. However, it used to be very clear: “It is the field of expertise to provide a form of automated communication between people.” Previously, it was all about automating manual administrative labor. Over time, systems were included in that communication. Business experts were trained to perform the programming of computers. Knowledge in and outside systems was still very integrated.

How do you guarantee an appropriate Information Product Specification that is completely and reliably validated by the domain experts? FOM stands for 'Fact-Oriented Modeling'.

As participant in the course Hands-On Fact Oriented Modeling (FOM) you are initiated in this powerful modeling technique for conceptual information modeling in two blocks of two days.


13/14 & 27/28 January 2020
Hotel Bergse Bossen, Netherlands

How do you guarantee an appropriate Information Product Specification that is completely and reliably validated by the domain experts?

This advanded training is meant for Business Experts, Information Analysts, and Knowledge Workers that have worked a lot with FOM for at least half a year.


23, 24, 25 March 2020
Hotel Bergse Bossen, Netherlands

Type level modeling can be easily done. Like any high-level concept map, everything written down can be compared to writing on a clean sheet of paper, or any empty blackboard: it’ll fit. There’s a Dutch saying, “Paper is patient,” meaning the paper will not protest or object to your writings.

Oct 2019

The long awaited CaseTalk 9.8.1 adds great new features:

  • After having the UNDO for years, version 9.8.1 also brings you the REDO.
  • Model transformation settings using your own Profiles (no more simple GLR).
  • Share project files quickly using Windows Share Contracts (integrating it with other Applications).
  • Again more Model well-formedness rules, helping you to deliver high quality information models.
  • 9.8.1 is a hotfix to 9.8.0 and adds a few minor yet crucial issues.

The release has taken some time to reach you, so there's more to read on the changelog and features.

Just, before you download your update, please take note of the Naming Conventions Wizard Dialog included in this new release: