CaseTalk represents a long history of thinking, testing, teaching, researching and developing. The team of people behind these efforts consists of researchers, teachers, professors, students, developers, consultants, companies and clients. Many of these contributed to the theory and/or the software and the sum of all that work makes CaseTalk what is it today.

Marco Wobben bw 180

Marco Wobben started his carreer as an independant software developer in the early ninetees. As an entrepeneur he continued the FCO-IM casetool development in 2001 under the name of CaseTalk. As owner of the company, consultant, developer, trainer and presenter, he is the driving force behind CaseTalk and enjoying every bit of it. mail

jody.johansJody Johans is a data professional. She's active as data architect, data modeler, data analyst, developer, consultant and project leader. She contributes to overall product development using years of experience and her unique perspective on business requirements. mail


Guido Bakema is a Professor of Applied Sciences at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, and one of three founding fathers of FCO-IM. Without any doubt he was the biggest driving force behind the research of FCO-IM. During his many years as lectorer he was responsable for tool and transformation development. In his spare time he wrote the very first FCO-IM book. And amazingly he still found the time to visit many universities across world. Spreading the word of fact oriented modeling to the world. After his recent retirement, he holds a honourable position as ambassador of CaseTalk. mail

JanPieter-ZwartJan Pieter Zwart is one of the three founding fathers of FCO-IM. Jan Pieter is still working as teacher, researcher and publisher at the HAN University of Applied Science. Originally he wrote the FCO-IM book, and recently published a new book for self studying FCO-IM. Whenever a question or issue arises, Jan Pieter has the brain to deeply analyse it and come back with the only correct answer. mail

harm-van-der-lekHarm van der Lek is one of the founding fathers of FCO-IM. Encouraged by Professor Guido Bakema to use NIAM in practice, Harm found an elegant way to enhance it into FCO-IM. After that Harm has been involved in many Data Warehouse projects and build automation tools for them. A bundle of his columns is available in a book called 'Sterren en Dimensies'. He teaches about temporal aspects of data in several courses per year. mail

rob-arntzRob Arntz is a specialist in information modeling and transforming conceptual models into various implementation models. He worked on many projects for many customers and is always considered a very capable consultant. He studied at the HAN University and developed the very first prototypes of the transformation tools for dimensional models. He still teaches FCO-IM courses and as consultant he's heavily involved in very large information management projects. mail

peter-alonsPeter Alons has spent many years of his career working on metadata management. As a consultant he has helped big enterprises to achieve a single point of definition in regard to information management. For that he developed the metadata framework. Over the years as a consultant and analist, he published a series of Dutch columns which are now available in his book 'About facts and things'. mail

chris-scholtenChris Scholten studied systems design and graduated with distinction. After reaching several degrees in mathematics, Chris now teaches systems modelling, database programming, xml and databases, object oriented analysis and design. His research focuses on finding a way to automate the mapping process between language based specification and the implementation of rules in information systems. mail

ton-de-bruynTon de Bruyn was chairman at the FCO-IM user group. Currently he is both lecturer and course manager for Business Informatics and Information Management at Saxion University. Ton is consulted by his former students on his FCO-IM knowledge. mail

elton-manokuElton Manoku as a student at the HAN University, quickly developed into a model and metamodel expert. He build the BridgeToolset with which conceptual model could be transformed into dimonsional models for data warehousing purposes. His capabilities lead him to a position at the same university as teacher and research assistent with Guido Bakema and Jan Pieter Zwart. Currently he's involved in the GIS world and considered as one of the best (meta)model transformation specialists. mail

leon-verschuurLeon Verschuur started his career as language philosopher and started working in IT-work in 1998. As a consultant and information modeler, he's helped CaseTalk in developing and testing the CaseTalk Viewer product in real live projects. He publishes about information management in agile projects and scrum teams. mail

dineke-romeijnDineke Romeijn is a lecturer, student counselor and researcher at HAN University of Applied Sciences. Her main subject is Business Intelligence. She organizes and teaches courses at Bachelor and Master level. Apart from teaching and research, she's a student counselor for part-time students in Information Science. mail

marco-engelbartMarco Engelbart is a lecturer at the HAN University of Applied Sciences and has written books on FCO-IM and a big music fan and collector. The English version of the exercises book for self study can be downloaded our website. As a researcher he's currently involved in FCO-IM to Anchor Modeling transformations. mail

lulzim-bilaliLulzim Bilali was involved in building components to reverse engineer relational models to FCO-IM models and transform them to ER, UML, Relational model and Star Schema. As a lecturer Lulzim taught on the topics of Model to Model Transformations and Business Intelligence. As developer and consultant he's still active in this area. mail

NUR AZIZAH FAZATFazat Nur Azizah worked at the HAN University of Applied Sciences at the Research and Competence Group. After one year she promoted at the Institute of Technology Bandung with Professor Guido Bakema as promotor. This resulted in the paper 'Data Modeling Patterns using Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling (FCO-IM)'. Currenlty she is active as researcher and lecturer at ITB, Indonesia.

missing-photoBenon Paloka is the first Albanian student graduating from the Master in Information System Development at HAN University of Applied Sciences. Benon has the honor of building the first FCO-IM to ERM transformation, after which he returned as a lecturer at the Universiteti i Shkodr√ęs teaching at Physics, Mathematics and Informatics Departments. mail