The CaseTalk Suite contains several products that work together, supporting both the ability to model, as well as storing and administration of your business knowledge and the corresponding technological artifacts.

  • Using the Modeler, business analysts are able to create fact-based models using natural language, generating technological artifacts, and much more.
  • With the Viewer, the IT personnel can view these conceptual models in various different technical diagrams.
  • For corporate environments, the Manager enables you to store multiple model versions and manage access to them for multiple users, run impact analysis and change reports.
  • The Portal provides the latest business glossary to the entire organisation to unify terminology across the company.

Together, these tools form a solid framework to manage your corporate fact models.

CaseTalk Products


Supported Tools

Idera ER/Studiologo powerdesigner

Supported Databases

Microsoft SQL Server Logooracle logods-firebird-logo-1000interbase-logopostgresql logomysql-logomariadbSQLite-logoDenodo Logomsaccessteradatamongodb


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