Creating information solutions for a business requires an accurate analysis of the required domain. Regardless of the nature of the project analysts shouldn’t have to worry about technical implementation requirements. Similarly, people on the business side should be able to verify the relevance of the analysts’ proposed solutions.

CaseTalk allows analysts to focus entirely on the business domain by creating fact-based, conceptual information models. At first, analysts may feel hesitant, but the benefits of utilizing this approach outweigh the initial discomfort.

For the short-term, CaseTalk radically reduces the time to deliver concise information models. This reduces the risk of failure for any subsequent implementation.

The long-term benefits of the CaseTalk-approach exceed those of individual projects projects by re-using existing information models. Time spent on information modeling is no longer needed to be a part of recurring project expenses. When business knowledge is available in technology-independent, reusable information models such as CaseTalk, information management practices become more mature and efficient.



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