15 September 2014

BCP Software is proud to announce that, as of this summer, Guido Bakema, emeritus professor at the HAN University of Applied Science, will act as an ambassador for CaseTalk. In addition, Mr. Bakema will offer advice on the development of CaseTlak in his own capacity. Both parties have recently agreed on this.

Guido Bakema is a well-known advocate of fact-based information modeling. From the early 1990s, Guido Bakema, Harm van der Lek, and Jan-Pieter Zwart have been working on fact-based information modeling, finally formalizing it as the method FCO-IM (Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling).

BCP Software has been developing, supplying, and supporting CaseTalk (the software tools for fact-based information modeling since 2001). As agreed with Mr. Bakema, BCP Software will work on the development of CaseTalk fully independent, as well as have sole proprietorship of the product. This agreement guarantees more effectivity, a valuable podium, and continuity.

Through dialogue with corporate and higher education partners, CaseTalk is continuously improved and extended with functions that are necessary for serious information modeling in complex, large-scale environments. CaseTalk is used in 52 countries by thousands of information specialists and taught at numerous schools and universities.


Using CaseTalk, information specialists and corporate experts work together to create an effective information model in natural language. This results in a solid foundation for any organization's information. Consequently, the risk of failure of IT projects will decrease and IT solutions will be more sustainable.

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