• Fully Communication Oriented Information Modelling (FCO-IM) based
  • Natural Language Expressions
  • Expression Regeneration
  • Verbalized business rules


  • Understood by IT personal, domain experts and end-users
  • Easy validations by users
  • FCO-IM, ERD and UML Diagramming
  • Multiple reports and export functions

Technology support

  • Technology independent method
  • Information storage in an open repository
  • Generation for many DBMS's and other technical platforms
  • Reverse engineer existing databases.
  • Easy designing of Data Warehouses.
  • Mapping of multiple models and implementations.

Business information

  • Storing of relevant facts in a centralised repository
  • Immediate integrated maintenance on these facts
  • Easy deriving of new facts
  • Full reuse of existing facts
  • Complete presentation of facts


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