November 2012

We proudly announce CaseTalk version 7. This is a major update which has been waiting for some time to complete. Lots and lots of bugs were fixed, and great new features were added.

This is our shortlist for this release:splash

Custom Attributes

You can now declare your own set of attributes in addition to all the existing settings in the repository. These attributes serve many purposes, from source trailing to specifications for dba's and software engineers.

Rich Text

You may now enter text in any format thanks to rich text file support. There's a special tab integrated in the diagram window so you may easily document the specifics regarding the selected objects and facts. These files even integrate with the active information model through hyperlinks. You can both view the text being covered with fact definitions as you may navigate to them using these links.


During many transformations you should place rolefixes where they lead to ambigious table columns. This is no longer required. Though an error has been introduced to warn you before hand, the new column name algorithms prevent name clashes from now on. You may even choose from different naming algorithms.

Expression viewing

Inside the diagram window, where several Facts, Objects and Labels are displayed, you may activate an extra tab, which immediately shows the expressions relevant to cover the entire diagram display. No more need to generate seperate files before viewing them.

Direct touch

Thanks to the features above we are now able to declare a preference for GLR and the required DBMS. After configuring these, a single button click will transform the conceptual model into a database model. Off course that is, if the well formedness check finds no errors... :-) We have done our best to make the first step to the so called direct touch transformation.

Stay safe(r)

The archiving of project files has been present for some time now. In addition to the auto-save features for your files, we extended the archiving feature somewhat. If the auto-save is turned on, the project is automatically archived once opened. This way your original files are always kept safe in case a mistake is made or our software fails to behave.


And if that's not enough, we have even upgraded our website! We're finally stepping away from our custom build CMS which have served us well for almost a decade. This means a different wat to downloading and registration. It's easier for you, and more convenient for us. Once registered you may download the software. Once you start downloading we'll implicitly receive a notification. Once this notification is validated we'll send you your license key by mail.

License key

And after all this beauty, there's indeed a downside. To be able to use CaseTalk 7 you actually need to register as a user, download it, and receive a new license key for it. The beauty is that with this login, you may discuss with other registered users in our forum.


A complete list of changes can be viewed on our issue pages.

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This is a major release for us, both webwise as product-wise. We hope we've tested everything and all works out for all of us. Please be kind if something is not as expected. We'll do our best so accommodate your questions as fast as possible. Please follow us on facebook and twitter to stay updated to the latest news. ;)

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