CaseTalk version 12.6 enhances the modeling experience by adding even more features:

  • Keyboard support in diagram (Arrows, Shift+Arrow, Alt+Arrow, Space bar, Shift+F10)
  • New GLR column name algorithm added for shorter names
  • New Diagram generated with a mix of Objects and Fact Expressions for stakeholder communication
  • Show images in Diagrams using the OTFT Picture URI.
  • Verbalize business rules in diagram and artifacts
  • Subtype wizard can create intermediate abstract subtypes
  • Generate Expression File including comments, rules, attributes
  • PlantUML code support for manual editing
  • Extended OTFT Concept Types with: Classification, Role, Composition, Aggregation
  • Browse OTFT Taxonomy and Meronomy
  • Specify Cardinality Constraints on roles
  • Filter your OTFT list based upon custom attributes values
  • Draw query result as a graph
  • And 120 more tweaks, fixes and improvements are implemented.

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