CaseTalk 12.8 offers a new user experience when entering new fact expressions. While aimed at the novice users, the terminology is more clear for both the untrained and seasoned modeler. It allows re-qualification, re-editing previous parts, editing newly introduced object and fact types, and some visual enhancements making it easier to see what needs to be done. Additionally, the following new features have been implemented.

Augment Otft

0003998: Render the Taxonomy and/or Ontology as a Diagram
0004105: ERD/UML/.. Refreshing with single keystroke (F5)
0004087: Allow text blocks to resize and word wrap

0004058: New Expression UX Redesign
0004060: Entering expressions can ask for sufficient population

Generation (SQL, XML, etc)
0004085: Generate Localization Tables

0004079: Mark Windows folders as folders with CaseTalk projects
0004064: Support parameters in the export modules and SQL queries

0004020: Support tri-temporal settings
0004069: Add/Edit/Delete substitutions added

User Interface
0004081: Welcome tab redesign with project preview
0002225: Use Role default values for populations
0000173: Enter expressions on type level
0004032: Add Role/Relations from the Role Dialog
0004017: Copy/Paste OTFT attributes through augmentation

0004030: Verify only essential rules for fast transformation to ERD

0004010: Subtype wizard provides related facts

In total, around 100 tickets have been closed. It is a major accomplishment which we hope you will enjoy.




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