CaseTalk 13.1 is a the first release in 2024 building on the 13.0 release. It offers more features on top of the already new Paragraphs, Concept Promotion and improved project. This increment supports better import of through xml-files, and greatly enhances the user interface when it comes to copy and paste operations, and exporting various diagrams to external image formats. For the advanced modelers we even provide a de-generalization function during modeling or model transformation.

A hotfix 13.1.1 is released to overcome occasional crashes in the expression input dialog.


User Interface

0004352: Provide dialog for custom attribute of type "tags"
0004351: Preconfigure filters
0004344: Paste URI as linked paragraph
0004341: Diagram Information Block change
0004311: Copy text as HTML Fragment
0004303: Add Paste Special
0004294: Paste text as concepts
0004289: Create generalized object type
0004346: Keep focus after hiding side panels

Installation & Integration

0004314: Export to HTML, RTF or Picture


0004315: Provide minimal width or margin for expressions
0004297: Hide all label types from diagram
0004295: Paste files into diagram
0004306: Alter annotation shown in concepts
0004302: Alter Role Played By - Using drag and drop
0004276: Render database views in Relational Diagram
0004310: PlantUML scripts do not align with Save Diagram Extras


0004335: Support Container, Object Type and Generalization for Database Views
0004339: Compare active model with server version
0004338: Run queries over both Server and ig(g) for live comparing
0004288: (De)Generalize function
0004270: Store value constraints in same order
0004304: Add concept type 'identification'

In total 77 tickets have been closed. It is another milestone in delivering CaseTalk with more enhancements and improvements to make your work better and easier.


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