April 2003

On Friday April 11th 2003, Atos Origin, Bommeljé Crompvoets en partners b.v. (BCP) and the Informatica Communicatie Academie of the HAN University have signed a Letter of Intent to strengthen their cooperation. It describes a tripartite cooperation between parties to supply complete customer solutions for Metadata Management and Datawarehousing.

In this collaboration, Atos Origin supplies comprehensive consulting services based on the "philosophy" of the Metadata Frame. BCP participates in the collaboration as developer and provider of software on Metadata Management are organised under the umbrella of Atos Origin's BMS-Academy and the curriculum MSc Information Systems Development of HAN University.

The Letter of Intent covers a full suite of services enabling customer solutions for Metadata Management and Datawarehousing: Atos Origin provides consulting services. Atos Origin intends to maintain a pool of trained consultants and provide project support. BCP provides an essential tool for information modeling. BCP aims for continued development, enhancement and technical support of this modelling tool. HAN provides training and research on information modelling. HAN offers educational services, performs research and fosters application of research findings while guarding theoretical correctness.

A steering committee monitors and coordinates the collaboration. Its task is to decide on organisational matters and future directions. The steering committee members (from left to right): Marco Wobben (BCP); Hans Boer (Atos Origin); Deny Smeets (HAN).


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