At the conference Building Business Capability, Marco Wobben will present an hour of Fact Oriented Modeling. In this session he will speak about Facts, Communication, Natural Language, and how the Dutch Railways applied it in their Data Drive strategy to provide more value to the organization, lower risk, and create a common understanding among stakeholders.

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How facts empower the Dutch Railways

In the Dutch psyche exists a drive to organize and battle the sea, and more in general dealing with the increasing demands on infrastructure in this small but highly populated area. Ever since the 70s the Dutch researched data, structures and communication. In this session you will learn how the Dutch Railway applies Fact Oriented Modeling at its core of answering to the call of becoming Data Driven to allow it to build better, faster and more efficient infrastructure.


Marco Wobben is director of BCP Software and has been developing software well over 30 years. He has developed a wide range of applications from financial expert software, software to remotely operate bridges, automating DWH generating and loading, and many back- and front office and web applications.

Since 2001, he is product manager and lead developer of CaseTalk, the CASE tool for fact based information modeling, which is widely taught in universities in the Netherlands and across the globe. CaseTalk enables building rich information models based on natural language using concrete examples to capture the knowledge from domain experts. CaseTalk generates a wide range of technical artifacts to drive technical implementations by model to model transformations.


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