August 2015

We will be sponsoring, and providing a introductionary workshop to CaseTalk, at the Data Modeling Zone 2015 in Hamburg Germany, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US.

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Data Modeling

In many Data Modeling Zone presentations, data modeling is described as both a craft and an art. For most outsiders, data modeling is some kind of magic: the data modeler interviews business experts, studies piles of requirements, talks some more, and then, hocus pocus, presents a diagram with boxes, crow’s feet, arrows, etc.

Fact based information modeling is the very opposite of such magic. It does not require people to understand the modeler’s magical language of boxes and arrows. Instead, fact based information modeling uses natural language to describe sample facts that are intelligible for business people. Therefore, it is also known as “Data Modeling by Example”.

Part 1 – Introduction

The presentation highlights:

  • the origins and key elements of fact based modeling;
  • its place in the requirements engineering process;
  • usage in large scale information management;
  • some forward engineering capabilities (ER, UML);

Part 2 – Workshop

In the workshop you will install a free modeling tool on your own windows computer and practice with:

  • verbalizing elementary facts;
  • modeling with fact expressions;
  • visualizing and validating your model;
  • generating output for business experts and software engineers.


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