The CaseTalk Viewer reduces the need for additional third-party tools while still closing the gap between Fact Oriented Models, ER and UML. Using Viewer, users can simply open an existing CaseTalk Modeler file and immediately start assembling ER and UML diagrams using drag and drop.

Below, are examples of how Viewer works. There is no need for manual labor when setting up the elements in the diagram; no manual drawings or defining tables, columns, relationships, and so forth are all derived from the models already made in CaseTalk Modeler.


Supported Tools

Idera ER/Studiologo powerdesigner

Supported Databases

Microsoft SQL Server Logooracle logods-firebird-logo-1000interbase-logopostgresql logomysql-logomariadbSQLite-logoDenodo Logomsaccessteradatamongodb


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