Data is everywhere, and when you're a data scientist you may find yourself in the position to mine this data to find facts. A new trade to be learned is to investigate the data to get a picture of what has happened. This trade is called Process Mining and its goal is to "turn event data into insights and actions". And how wonderful would it have been if everyone in the organisation would know what the data meant, and processes are clearly described and defined already.

Unfortunately sometimes events happen which do not follow the defined processes and than the mining comes in to place. The mining of "what has happened", as any good investigator would do, find clues to reveal facts. The goal can therefor only be described as hindsight, and any actions should be considered carefully and hope its not too late for the business to adjust accordingly.

Knowing what the data really means in the first place can be invaluable to our investigative data scientists. Knowing the events can be a lifesaver to the business.Process Mining

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