Effective communication and decision-making within organizations require accurate and meaningful data. However, with data being exchanged between multiple parties and systems, the context and authenticity of the data can be lost. Technology experts who build the necessary technology stack to support these systems often focus only on the technical aspects of the data, without understanding the authentic communication and context.

This leads to frustration among both business users and data engineers, who must spend a significant amount of time reverse-engineering meaning from technically structured data. FCO-IM (Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling) is a solution to this problem, as it captures the communication from the beginning and maintains the original context of the data. CaseTalk, which supports FCO-IM, adds additional functionality to help data engineers uphold the meaning of the data as much as possible.

By using FCO-IM and keeping the communication with the data, organizations can operate more efficiently with less frustration and a lower risk of meaning getting lost in translation.



Let them eat data

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