NO DATA was presented at the online DAMA South Africa gathering. In the one hour session hosted by Howard Diesel, Marco Wobben presented the problem we humans have with reality in search of truth.

  1.  The distortion of the message as it travels from source to target. We have all played the Telephone game and are generally shocked at the distortion.
  2. The human brain sees what it wants to see. This video will get you to question your perspective
  3. Understanding the purpose of the tools and techniques we use to create/describe our rality.
  4. The organization is greater than the sum of the parts. Building a data model, we reduce the organization to a set of icons that on their own don't represent the entire system.
  5. The result, if we are not careful, could become part of the disconnected version of the reality.

We rarely achieve a perfect definition of the truth in our first iteration. It requires repeated communication on all levels of the vertical architecture.

It is a never-ending story that we work on continuously, listening to and improving our understanding to support business decision making.

Howard Diesel


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