CaseTalk 13.1.2 adds some new features, as listed below, but also fixed some serious bugs. So, if you are already on the version 13, you are advised to update your installation to get a better user experience.

0004390: [Transformation (GLR)] Column Name algorithm tweak
0004389: [Expressions] Wizard to complement role readings
0004387: [Import and Export] Microsoft PowerApps Excel Import
0004384: [User Interface] Add git commands to project
0004375: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Add Incoming/Outgoing to OWL/RDF artifact
0004371: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] JSON catalog for generated artifact content
0004369: [Integration] Paste HTML Fragments
0004378: [User Interface] UC Wizard fails to mention non-elementary expression
0004367: [Installation] SQLite 3.45
0004364: [Project] Folders added to the project do not open

0004394: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Log for Grouped artifacts incomplete
0004393: [Import and Export] Glossary merge fails to merge some OTFTs

You may download the update from the download pages. If you are using the portable app installation, remember to also get the JRE and GraphViz from our free section.


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